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America’s Incredible Pizza Company in St. Louis, MO is your one-stop-spot for all things FUN!  We have a huge indoor facility with Incredible games and activities such as go  kart races that are fun for all ages.  You can play first then refuel at our fresh All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, or do it the other way around.  Incredible Pizza Company in St. Louis, MO is a great place to celebrate a birthday, plan a field trip for a school group, sports team, church group, or other organization, or schedule a one-day retreat for corporate team building.

In addition to our large Fairgrounds gaming area at the St. Louis, MO location, we also have bumper cars, laser tag,  mini bowling, and fantastic Go-Kart Races!

  What are Go-Karts?

Go-karts are basically small, open-cab electric cars.  They have four wheels and are powered by an electric motor.  Drivers are buckled into the seat of the car and have a steering wheel and acceleration and brake pedals that are controlled with the feet. The go carts at America’s Incredible Pizza Company in St. Louis, MO are completely safe, sitting very low to the ground with broad wheel bases so they can’t turn over.  The motors on the go carts in our St. Louis, MO store are not extremely powerful so the speeds in our go cart races are not dangerous. 


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  The Go-Kart Race is on
America’s Incredible Pizza Company is the best place to go for indoor go kart races in St. Louis, MO. You can feel the wind through your hair and enjoy the thrill of competition without braving the elements at an outdoor park. Go kart races involve lining up several go karts on a circular track and letting the drivers compete for first place. Drivers will complete a 10-lap race with every turn, spin, and spill enthusiastically announced by one of our St. Louis, MO staff members. First place in the go kart race will win a sticker! We offer two options for go cart races at our St. Louis, Mo location– a Fast Lane race and a Slow Lane race. Depending on your age and skill, you can choose a race that will be the most fun for you.


  We offer two speeds for Go-Kart Racing

Nascar Speed Cars
Our Nascar Speed cars in our St. Louis, MO store run in the Fast Lane go cart races.  These go carts are slightly faster and designed for older and more experienced drivers.  You must be at least 14 years old and 54” tall to run in the Nascar Fast Lane go cart races.  While friendly competition and fast-paced fun is absolutely encouraged, bumping and spin-outs are not permitted for safety reasons. 

Speed Cars
Our slow Speed cars are used for our Slow Lane go cart races and are perfect for younger kids and drivers with passengers.  Passengers must be between 36”-50” tall to ride along.  Drivers with passengers need to be at least 16 years old.  All participants in our go  kart races at our St. Louis, MO location are required to wear closed-toe shoes.

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